The Ben Johnson

We were asked to host a Disco Karaoke, on the Sunday 28th May for the recently, re-opened Ben Johnson pub, which is opposite Sainsbury’s 702 Warrington Road; WN3 6XN Wigan. What a nice group of people so accommodating we have a great time. there were some very good singers and of course Jim had to do his bit for king and country. well we are back again on the Friday the 9th of June.  Come along and bring a few friends you will have a really good time see you there, if you love karaoke you will love this one.

This is no longer a pub I would recommend, the drinks are expensive, the landlord is an idiot and not someone I would consider honorable at all. Although I can obviously not elaborate on the circumstances I will say that the sooner there is a change of landlord the better. 

Ben 1 video   Ben 2 video   Ben 3 video   Ben 4 video   Ben 5 video  Ben 6 video   Ben 7 video    Ben 8 video   Ben 9 video


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