Solo Artist Performance 

I have been told that my solo Elvis Presley renditions are no less than brilliant. On one or two occasions I have been called a liar and that it wasn’t me singing. They argued that it was actually a CD and not me singing at all, I beg to differ.  I don’t think I am that comparative as a solo artist. I have to say that I am quite modest and although I do obviously try to sound like the master himself. There can only ever be one Elvis Presley. As far as I am aware, though contrary to some beliefs, Elvis has left the planet.

solo artistI don’t try to look or dress in all the paraphernalia or flamboyant Elvis suits. This is really because I am not trying to be Elvis Presley, no one can be Elvis. However that said my mother said she would make me an Elvis suit when i was younger. I said I wouldn’t wear it so she made it to fit my younger brother instead.

Other material I like

My solo work is not limited to Elvis not by any stretch of the imagination. In my solo material I  cover quite a few artist really. Elton John I like a few of his such as candle in the wind, Danielle, Sorry seems…, and oh my favorite has to be Don’t let the sun go down on me. As a solo artist Some of my favorites of the  60’s material, such as Beatles, Kinks, Van Morrison, Tom Jones. Or Eddie Cochran, Frank Sinatra, Gene Pitney, Louis Armstrong, Everly Brothers.

Some of the moderns include Michael buble, Robbie Williams, Ed Sheeran, Pink Floyd. I like to do 2 x 45 min slots followed by 10 minutes for a couple of request. Once my solo part has ended I will play out with disco music, as is the same during breaks.

Solo Robbie Solo Michael Group Kinks Solo Louis Solo Elvis Group Beatles Solo Ed

I prefer to start off with soft ballads and Elvis, fit the bill. By the end of the show I like to get people dancing. Faster, more vibrant material is better. I offer my services for some charity organisations and in some circumstances, groups of older people. All I ask is that you have a venue available with power and a licence for music performance.

As this is about enjoyment, the material I choose is curbed towards the audience and suitable to meet the demand. my dress code is either a suit or in smart casuals and will always be on time.  I use a Bose system, which has a single column speaker and a bass speaker.Along with a mixer and a laptop. both my microphones are Shure microphones, one of which is a radio mic and the other a wired microphone. I believe it important to us”industry standard” equipment, because i need to be able to rely on my  equipment.