The Origin of karaoke comes from the Japanese, Kara meaning empty & oke meaning orchestra. However, early forms were backing tracks without any lyrics as the Japanese would sing their own words.  Companies like Sunfly, LG, Sound Choice, Sweet Georgia Brown, Essential Karaoke etc marketed the idea.

karaoke eventDuring the 80’s and 90’s karaoke had a huge impact on the pub scene. Nearly every pub had it, even dedicated bars exclusively catering for karaoke. More often than not you can pick up a machine for not a lot of money.

For anyone wanting to enter competitions there are plenty of prizes on offer. Where better to practice for a competition than at your local pub. Ranging in quality you can get some really tacky outfits. Some KDJ’s doesn’t care, their only interested in is making cash; Who can blame them after all one has to make a living somewhere.


Others tend to dedicate a great deal of time to their work. Some may offer a reasonably passionate karaoke. More often than not, the better KDJ’s will take a great deal of time setting up. Furthermore, will sound check to ensure that their system sounds right. When singing there’s nothing worse than a system not set up right. I always check the sound and like to try a couple of tracks prior to starting. Sometimes it is the only chance I get if we are busy all night.sextons disco outside event

They say there is nothing better for the soul than to sing, who are we to argue. We have certainly come across one or two soul baring, Beyonce’s or Frank Sinatra’s. Karaoke is an outlet, a stress relief. Often singers get quite nervous but, within a couple of minutes it gone.

We often come across “dark horses” at our karaoke events, singers that are just really good. However, this is recognised by both the DJ and  the applause received. In my opinion it’s great when someone can sing but it’s about enjoying yourself and feeling comfortable. More often than not performers not as gifted are received just as warmly.

So what’s the point of karaoke ?

There is no point karaoke is a chance to relax, let your hair down. Alternatively, Prize karaoke is a completely different ball game everyone for them self. Karaoke for me is a business in the entertainment industry. It is more about making sure people can express themselves and feel comfortable in a safe environment. Obviously because of the equipment I use there is a certain amount of expensive equipment and might I add considerable amount of wires. It is the DJ’s duty to ensure that the area they work is as safe as possible.

The last thing you want at a karaoke event is someone tripping on a wire or worse, a piece of equipment fall on someone. I personally make a point of routing wires a particular way, in one direction and not allowing access to that route. Finally karaoke is have fun and enjoy yourself, whether is is your birthday, anniversary, wedding, it’s your day.

Who will care in 100 years, by then we’ll have probably vacated the planet and moved over for the next generations to do their thing. So live your life while you have it.