Free entertainment and charity events

Throughout the year we are available FREE OF CHARGE and Charity work. This is normally solo work and will take place on a week day I really enjoy singing in public and for this reason we will provide our services free of charge.

The main focus of my material favors Elvis Presley, him being my favorite artist to cover. It is not anything tacky I generally get a really good feedback from any of his material I perform. I do not however, contain my solo material to Elvis Presley I cover quite a number of artist such as:

  • Elvis Presley          The Kinks                  The Searchers          The Beatles                    Van Morrison          Eddie Cochran          The Hollies
  • Tom Jones             Neil Diamond           Bobby Darin             Louis Armstrong          Pink Floyd                Elton John                 Ed Sheeran
  • Robbie Williams  Michael Buble           Frank Sinatra           David Bowie                  The Eagles                Lionel Richie             UB40
  • Commitments       Oasis                          Righssteous Bros

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 How can you book a free or Charity even?

There are a few things to consider first and foremost, I only offer free services during the week because I have to leave the weekends free for paid work. and I am only usually available Monday to Thursdays. Although I do provide my services for free I ask for £10 towards the cost of travel.

For Charity work I will offer this free services as and when required during week days. However, I do extend the free service to audiences of more than 30 people over 50’s. whether you are a “sheltered accommodation” group or a group who meet regularly at a social club. May be you want to contact me and ask to included in a groups I already run. There is a lot of loneliness in the world and there doesn’t have to be !!

So you need to have a venue with power though I do have venues available to me to accommodate such events. within such groups I will only offer this as a one off service in other words I will not visit the same groups for free twice. However, I can be booked after that at a reasonable cost of £40 per hour.

How can we help?

I will usually cater my material accordingly so more often than not i will be performing 60’s 70’s 80’s I can assure you that you will enjoy the evening and if you don’t it was free anyway what have yo got to lose? Give me a call on 07516480377 to arrange an event in you area. Alternatively if you are looking to be added to a group drop me a line by email to: Email me Here

Although we support: Doing it for Dylan
Manchester Bombing Victims
                                         Age Uk
                                         Centre Point
Children in need

Please contact us if you would like us to support a particular cause