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Disco karaoke updates!

Well it has been a while since we updated any info on here. We no longer provide services to either The Ben Johnson or The Hare & Hounds at Pemberton. As any, interested party may have noticed the Ben Johnson was closed down a while back. It doesn’t look to be reopening in the near future.

More often than not the demand for private functions, has taken presidance. Private disco & karaoke events offer different demands more personality. Weddings for instance catering to a mixed audiance from the very young though to the grand-parents or oven great-grand-parents. A disco for all covering many genre’s.

Sometimes, karaoke can prevent a smooth continuam, you’ve just got people on the dance floor and someone request a karaoke track. Not that i’m knocking karaoke, on the contrary. It is sometimes fitting, though not always, it can be just the same the other way round. Many want to sing then someone grabs a few friend and heads to the dance floor.

When you consider there are people what dance and people what sing,  there is no middle ground here. Birthday events are often different in that if the event is for a relative, family members like to sing for them. So that said i do still play at a static venue most often on Sundays.  The Shamrock, over at Standish, which seems to be gahtering a following.

Local pub & Club disco’s

you can’t beat working close to home with local people, after all they are your bread and butter. some of the social clubs I have provided disco for have been, ST Jude’s Catholic Club, a lovely place with friendly staff, the Conservative club, West Houghton, again friendly staff great for a family disco, of course one I do regularly, well the last Sunday of every month late afternoon disco karaoke with Karl & Kerry, lovely people over at the Shamrock, at Coppull. The Prince of Wales on Woodhouse Ln in Wigan, again one I do from time to time and the Douggie on the same road Karaoke with Nigel every Saturday & Sunday, a lovely friendly bunch.

St Cuthburts along Montrose Ave I have held a few disco karaoke’s there, Worsley Menes club another I use regularly to provide family disco/karaoke’s, Ravin club small but friendly over at Pemberton, The Berkley in the town centre I have done once, Skelmersdale Cricket club, St Mary’s club over at Billinge another friendly place, I have done from time to time Wigan Cricket club on Parson’s walk and Bickershaw Labour club, good stage there with plenty of room.

The Owl’s at Standish, another lovely place there are many nice venues available in the wigan area for disco karaoke and I have quite a number of friendly karaoke disco dJ’s who I can call on if i can’t provide my services I usually know someone who can. Give me a call see what we can sort out for your event


Well October brought the posh carpets outs a bit for Dave’s birthday in Southport at the Royal Clifton no less, lovely evening had by all many of Dave’s friends were for a model Railway club which brought no surprises when presented him with a model train. St Cuthbert’s brought us Angela’s birthday in the same week it was Alex James’s Birthday holding a private celebration in their home.

The wedding of Kevin and Sara also took place in October over in Cheadle Hulme a lovely venue a lovely couple and a wonderful gathering of friends and family to celebrate the event take a look at some of the pictures.


September 5 ratings

We had the regular visit to the Hare & Hound
Frank’s wife over in Bolton turned 60 which they shared with family and friend & had a fabulous time 

Holly got engaged to Nicky over Manchester lovely young couple the food was fab and they had a great time 

Chelsea was Christened over at Ewood, Bolton lovely way to enjoy a Sunday afternoon brilliant time had by all lovely family 

I did my stand up bit at a reunion of Librarians over at Ince , bit of Bingo, singing, karaoke and dance what more can you ask  

And little Hugh was Christened over in Blackpool as ever a great time was had by all

The highlight was over at the sheltered accommodation where some of the residents had a  sing-song and a wonderful time had me up singing some 60’s tunes invited us to stay for lunch, also a pub in Leyland. Then we had a swap from an engagement to a wedding  following an illness of one sister the other sister had a secret marriage and took on the disco/karaoke brilliant time had by all..


August 3 Ratings

Some of the things that occurred  in August included We had Ryan and Sarah taking off to Australia with their family leaving behind some good friends and family,
Kate reached the age of 18 and had a super time with her family and friends and left me a ..
Rachel and Ross got hitched (seemed a bit like a take from “friends” ) They had a great time over in Lancaster again .
A couple of events took place at one of the locals we had John turn 40..
We had the nasty shirt competition over in Ramsbottom there and trust me there were some nasty shirts

1st July school event

School Fayre for a local school, tractor from local farmer provided for kids to look around, Cake stalls, guess the weight. There were a couple of stalls for beauty for the ladies, with makeup untested on animals.

Obviously i was there to provide the music for which people seemed to enjoy so got quite good feedback. Good day had by all. I nevertheless actually turned into a tomato the following day not the best idea to stay in the sun all day without protection …

Thinking of having a party?

sextons disco karaoke  Sextons disco karaoke  BD disco    Whatever the occasion you want to have a party we can provide you with the entertainment to make your party flow smoothly. Sexton’s Disco Karaoke are very experienced at getting people up on the dance floor. How about using a theme and getting you guest to take part in a special event to remember the 70’s or 80’s certainly takes you back and adds to the fun. In addition your guest go home having had a great time and add it to the “one to remember album”. It doesn’t stop there why not add a bit of a quiz thing going on or have a little karaoke, whereby guest choose songs from that particular theme, whatever you have chosen.

Helen Renwick Birthday

Hope you all had a great time at Helen’s birthday celebration, everyone was relaxed and seemed to have really enjoyed the evening. There was a lovely atmosphere and a real sense of friendship and love at the event. we had some top singers, my particular favorite was the The B52’s who I am sure really were the B52’s. Not that I though any of the singers were less popular of course.

Nevertheless everyone looked to have had a good time and it was a pleasure to have provided the entertainment for the event. here are a few video’s taken from the evening there will be a couple more added shortly and some are shorter than others. Obviously DJing was my first concern and the videos are just a few reminders to reflect on. Hope you like them.

A final note I have recently joined Trustpilot and would appreciate any reviews added though you under no obligation of course  all you need to do is click the trust pilot link thank you.

The Ben Johnson

We were asked to host a Disco Karaoke, on the Sunday 28th May for the recently, re-opened Ben Johnson pub, which is opposite Sainsbury’s 702 Warrington Road; WN3 6XN Wigan. What a nice group of people so accommodating we have a great time. there were some very good singers and of course Jim had to do his bit for king and country. well we are back again on the Friday the 9th of June.  Come along and bring a few friends you will have a really good time see you there, if you love karaoke you will love this one.

This is no longer a pub I would recommend, the drinks are expensive, the landlord is an idiot and not someone I would consider honorable at all. Although I can obviously not elaborate on the circumstances I will say that the sooner there is a change of landlord the better. 

Ben 1 video   Ben 2 video   Ben 3 video   Ben 4 video   Ben 5 video  Ben 6 video   Ben 7 video    Ben 8 video   Ben 9 video


The Hare and Hound, Pemberton

Looking for a great night out, where the beer is not just cheap, it is a good pint too. The regulars are really warm and welcoming and there is a really good atmosphere in there! Excellent bar staff and of course good entertainment. We have done a few karaoke’s there and they have been really great nights. But if you missed any of the previous nights come to one of our future events the next one will be on the 24th June.

It doesn’t matter whether you can sing or not we all have a great night! bring a friend or two, it won’t cost you a fortune because not only do you get a great pint! you don’t have to pay the earth for it, the bar staff are great and everyone is friendly, a good local traditional pub

Come and join us, meet the lovely landlady (Marilyn) if you don’t bring a friend you are sure to make some new ones and don’t be shy give us a tune otherwise Jim will.

You will be able to catch us here on a Sunday from time to time here too starting on the 5th November when we will be doing a special karaoke disco to mark the celebrations of Bonfire night… come and join us for a great night out with an added bonus the drinks are cheap …

Post With Video

Sextons Disco Karaoke, is all about having fun in a safe environment and we want to ensure that happens. What we want to offer here is a place to reflect on some of the events we have recorded or partially recorded. But remember these are your memories we are certainly not out to embarrass anyone or hurt their feelings in any way.

Maybe you have been at one of our events or you have captured some footage at an event you would like to share with others and what better place than here after we have hosted your event. I have also uploaded a few of my own videos from out you tube site, I particularly like Elvis material so keep an eye out for those being posted.