About Us

About us … Jim and Fi have provided reliable a friendly service since 1999

About us…Jim DJ

about usSexton’s Disco Karaoke have been on the scene since 1999, We started in our first pub that was based in Newark, Sherwood forest area. Having run a few pubs across the country since then and of course DJing since the very late 90’s we have built up a reputation for reliability, trust and instilled confidence in our clients. Having had an interest in music way before then, made all that somewhat more interesting. Sexton’s disco Karaoke services extend far beyond a christening on a Sunday afternoon or a birthday party to re-unite the family or even a Christmas staff party knees up.

What we offer is a reliable service you can trust, with those extra trimmings. We always receive top marks from our customers who come back time and time again… of course, you can find cheaper ! and more expensive but we offer is value for money and a personal, friendly service.  More often you will find that the larger companies will just send a DJ out to your event who doesn’t care as long as they get paid for their time. Ask the questions Are you covered for liability? is your equipment regularly tested? 

About us…Fiona Compare

Fiona is more often the compere and likes to add a sense of humor to an event. Although, she can not always make an event as she works during the day too. She will get bums off seats and raise the spirit.  If need be she is happy to join in the dancing too. She is the first to admit though she prefers not to use the singing end of the mike though, will from time to time accompany me, particularly doing “Eagles” as we both compliment each other. Fiona prefers to organise things and will more often than not get people involved in things or get on down with the kids and set up musical chairs or bumps to music etc.

… on the note of singing pardon the pun:

If you want someone to sing at your event or would like someone to start off the crowd Jim is certainly the guy to get that off to a start. With an array of tracks to choose from there is more than enough to suit most taste, covering material from the 60’s artist like Elvis Presley, Van Morrison, The Searchers and many more past legends. If you prefer more up to date material such as Michael Buble, Robbie Williams, Ed Sheeran and again many more. No matter what the occasion give us a call on 07516480377 and we can help bring your party together.

About us continued…

… Running pubs and mobile bars has taken us across the country with various pub management companies. We have found ourselves on many occasion making new friends and acquaintances.

Some of the situations we have been in found us in some really run down public house buildings. Most of which needed a big dose of atmosphere and a huge amount of character. In such circumstances we have had to take some extreme measures, just to get people through the door. In fairness one of the first pubs we ran was in Newark, a pub which is now some kind of convenience store.

The pub was called the Cavalier, which was taking in the region of £100 per week. The clientele were a mixture of local Romany Gypsies and local town people. The place was a hovel, we had to scrape sheets of dirt from the skirting’s, we first though were black. The beer lines were so bad they took 3 days to clean. The glass washer was so disgusting, we were pulling lumps of yeast from it.

We decided to introduce dance music of a weekend and started building up karaoke. The clients loved it, it went down so well we actually got the town people and the gypsies associating with one another. People appreciated what we  were doing to their now local and the takings reflected the efforts too. We had a great time and made some very good friends but what a challenge it was.