Monthly Archives: January 2019

Disco karaoke updates!

Well it has been a while since we updated any info on here. We no longer provide services to either The Ben Johnson or The Hare & Hounds at Pemberton. As any, interested party may have noticed the Ben Johnson was closed down a while back. It doesn’t look to be reopening in the near future.

More often than not the demand for private functions, has taken presidance. Private disco & karaoke events offer different demands more personality. Weddings for instance catering to a mixed audiance from the very young though to the grand-parents or oven great-grand-parents. A disco for all covering many genre’s.

Sometimes, karaoke can prevent a smooth continuam, you’ve just got people on the dance floor and someone request a karaoke track. Not that i’m knocking karaoke, on the contrary. It is sometimes fitting, though not always, it can be just the same the other way round. Many want to sing then someone grabs a few friend and heads to the dance floor.

When you consider there are people what dance and people what sing,  there is no middle ground here. Birthday events are often different in that if the event is for a relative, family members like to sing for them. So that said i do still play at a static venue most often on Sundays.  The Shamrock, over at Standish, which seems to be gahtering a following.